Sunday, April 20, 2008

Aveline's Third

We started the big third birthday a day early with a blue and horsey themed party, per Aveline's request. She wanted blue balloons, blue presents and a blue horsey cake. We opted to have a very small gathering this year, due to the fact that our place is tiny. In fact, even our limited guest list had us all rubbing elbows and bumping behinds all afternoon. Good thing no one is really shy in our family.

Have a look for yourself at all of the fun we had.

Lauren and Ben playing peek-a-boo with Aliya

Aveline, Kelsey and Everett playing hard.

Scarlett proving she's a party girl!

The Blue Horsey Cake--apparently frightened by his intended destiny.

Look closely...Scarlett is double fisting it.

Aveline meeting Aliya for the first time with Grandma Wilhelm.

Aveline giggling with Grandma and Grandpa Wilhelm.

Scarlett and Mommy pre partying.

Everett meeting Aliya.

Aunt Kelly amidst the party debris.

Everett having gotten the balloon away from Scarlett.


Kelly said...

It was so good to see you guys! thank you so much for the invite! We love you and were so glad to be part of Aveline's special day!

Jamie said...

Looks like a great party!! Love the Horsey cake. "Chey said Mmmm... CAKE!!"

Thanks for sharing the pic's. Aveline and Scarlett are geting so big and they are both so beautiful!!

Can't wait to see you guys this summer!!

Joel said...

Happy B Day Aveline! Thanks for the pictures!

Christina said...

That cake is AWESOME!

Wow, Scarlett is getting so big! We have to get the kids together sometime soon. Cordy likes playing with other kids now - you'd be amazed how far she's come.